Anita Kozan

Warm-Up and Cool Down

Do the exercise as a warm-up in the morning or before your day starts to gently massage your vocal folds by lengthening and shortening them as you go up and down in pitch. Do the exercise as a cool-down as soon as you have finished the most demanding speaking for the day. The exercise will help to release heat from the vocal folds and will flush the toxins through the muscles so that you will have a better sounding voice the next morning. The warm0up and cool0down exercise can also help you work on your diaphragmatic breathing as starting at a higher pitch. Singers and actors can use Parts I and III prior to beginning simple singing vocalises for acting and singing voice exercise.

Easy Onset On Vowels

The easy onset vowels technique is a way of decreasing the amount of pressure you use when speaking. It is a healthier technique for persons with injured voices who want to avoid hard glottal attacks (the tight closure of the vocal folds before beginning speaking). It is the preferred method for singers to sing phrases where the words begin with vowels. It also helps create a smooth, warm sound to the voice, especially when the speaker connects from on word to the next.

Whole Body Relaxation Exercise

This exercise is helpful to people who want to work on their diaphragmatic breathing, release tension from various parts of their body, become more connected to how various parts of their body feel, get to sleep, and get back to sleep when they wake up in the middle of the night!


This is a lovely prayer that might help you to relax and open your mind and spirit to healing before you begin the exercise. Or you can listen to the prayer and meditate, do yoga, stretches, or anything else that could be helped by your being in a state of openness and trust.