Anita Kozan


Dr. Anita L. Kozan, speech and language pathologist and sole proprietor of the Kozan Clinic for Voice, Speech and Spirit, LLC, is dedicated to providing superior quality voice and speech rehabilitation services. Therapeutic services are provided in a private practice setting in south Minneapolis without the distractions of the time-consuming computerized documentation and paperwork often required in a medical setting.

Each person is integral to the development of recommendations that reflect the individual's goals from a holistic healing perspective. Dr. Kozan's philosophy is reflected in her statement to patients:
    "Yes, I am your doctor and you are my patient. However, you are also my teacher and I am your student. Together we will determine the course of therapy this is best for you."


Dr. Kozan does not accept insurance payment of any kind. Services can be paid for with cash, check or money order, due at the time the service is provided. Her fee for service is $150 per hour. The usual length of appointment is one hour, but can be shortened or lengthened upon request.

If you need to use your insurance for services, please contact your physician or insurance company and ask for a referral to a speech and language pathologist who specializes in providing the services you need and accepts insurance.


A wide range of voice, speech and language services is available through the Kozan Clinic. Dr. Kozan specializes in the following:
  • voice and speech rehabilitation for persons who are transgendered, male-to-female or female-to-male
  • voice and speech rehabilitation for persons who are actors or singers
  • singing voice rehabilitation, including singer-actors and transgendered singers
  • speech and articulation differences or disorders in actors or speakers
  • speech or voice improvement for persons who want increased confidence in their communication skills
  • use of clients' spirituality to help achieve their therapeutic goals
Please feel free to contact Dr. Kozan even if you have a special need not listed above. She will provide services if she is able and will recommend another qualified speech and language pathologist, if necessary.

Thank you for reading through this description of the services and parameters of the Kozan Clinic for Voice, Speech and Spirit, LLC. Dr. Anita Kozan welcomes your call to discuss whether an appointment with her is your next step in healing your voice, speech and spirit. She may be reached on her cell phone: 612.669.3206. Please refer to
CONTACT LINK for further information.

    May your journey be filled with unexpected joys and blessings. Pray for what you need. If you don't ask, the answer is always "no."